How does the reach and wash window cleaning system work?

The reach and wash system is a method of window cleaning that involves water being pumped from our van through an extension pole which has a brush attached to the end. The brush is what scrubs and cleans your windows with the aid of 100% pure water absorbing the dirt.

Do Stains on Panes window cleaners charge extra to clean frames and sills?

Other window cleaning companies or window cleaners using traditional methods will charge extra but Stains on Panes window cleaners, clean all your frames and sills for FREE as part of our service.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

We can offer one-off cleans but generally the prices are more on this basis. Stains on Panes recommended windows are normally cleaned on a 4/8/12 week rota depending on whether the property is domestic or commercial and we can offer special rates for this repeat service.

What happens if it rains?

British weather is unpredictable and where possible we will keep to rotas and work in light showers. During heavy rain fall we will endeavour to get to you on the next day or as soon bad weather passes. We recommend having your windows cleaned internally during these times.

Why can you not guarantee a perfect finish on the first clean?

As part of our free service we clean your frames and sills for FREE, in doing this we remove a build up of dirt and grime that would have been missed in previous cleans by traditional methods, for this reason you may see the odd dribble that has run down the window after we have left, this is why Stains on Panes cannot guarantee a perfect finish on the first clean. However with subsequent cleans this will no longer happen.

Why have my windows been left wet after the clean?

This tried and tested method of cleaning only works if the De-ionised water remaining on the windows is Left to Dry naturally. So please do not be tempted to dry them off as this will only spoil the finished clean.

How can I book Stains on Panes to clean my windows?

We have numerous easy ways to book.. Contact us by phone, website, email or drop us a tweet on twitter. All information can be found on the contact page on our website.

What payment methods do Stains on Panes accept?

Cash is our preferred method especially on first time cleans however after this we can arrange a preferred payment method. Please feel free to discuss your requirements and we can accommodate you.

Can Stains on Panes provide invoices?

Yes we can, we can write them out and leave them with you or pop them through your letter box.

Do I need to be at home or present when Stains on Panes clean my windows?

We ask on the first time clean for you to be present to discuss your requirements, at this point we can discuss rota, payment or anything else you may need. If you really can’t be present the first time this isn’t a problem.