Window Cleaning Prices

Window cleaning prices

Stains on panes offer FREE window cleaning quotes for your home or business in Beckenham, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Dulwich and surrounding areas in London and Kent.

As each property is different and window and door sizes will vary for this reason we encourage our clients to have a quote based on their requirements.

We don’t want to band every property into one category as this may not actually be cost effective.

As I am sure your aware houses are getting smaller these days and so are windows, a typical Victorian 3 bed will be completely different to the smaller new builds of today for this reason we ask you contact us for a FREE competitive unique quote to your property or business.

One off cleans

One off cleans are generally charged higher if a rota is not being put in place.

This is due to the fact first cleans take considerably longer and we will not be returning to maintain the windows in the future.

First cleans are generally charged at double the amount of what a rota would have been, however we do always aim to be competitive within our prices.

Our prices start from

£2 for a small window

£3 for medium window

£5 for large or bay window

An Estimated Guide on a 4 week rota

*Please be aware this is a guide ONLY & prices will vary depending on style, size, quantity of doors & windows and access.

1/2 bedroom flat or house                       £10-15

2 bedroom flat or house                           £15-20

3 bedroom flat or house

(semi detached, standard small)                £18-£22

3 bedroom house

(Medium size, semi detached)               £23-30

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